• Cultura and its future
    The NGO "Cultura", previous called "Tradition und Zukunft Landgut Borsig (LGB)" & Förderverein Cultura Landgut Borsig is part of an international network of Non-Government Organizations with long-standing experience inside and outsid the country.

    Use of Handicrafts and "Appropriate Technology", linked with the possibilities of (international)urban lifestyle, i.e. using cordless telephones, internet, etc. and combined with the advantages of the healthier and cheaper rural life-style.

    The LGB offers multiple possibilities, among others also through the exhibition of agricultural-historical collection and it thrives on the interest and ideas of its participants.

    The emphasis here is on promoting the distinctive character of the products.

    Continuously newer exhibitions of art and ethnological rarities alongwith the permanent ones are interesting for locals as well as outsiders. Also the workshop-type events and events organized by the district authorities for the purpose of training and income-generating measures for the local population.

    Also the fact that Art workshops, Litho-workshops and special workshops(like Art-forgeings workshops, construction of music instruments, etc.) conducted by professionals are available.

    The latter courses are directed towards outsiders, who would like to follow their interests in workshops over several days whereas boarding and lodging is integrated into the offer.

    Information in this respect can be obtained by e-Mail directly from the Cultura association!

  • Do not hesitate to send us your Inquiry! We are currently revising our courses and are ready to arrange accomodation if required.
  1. Development of income-generating measures for rural population based on the promotion of the traditional culture at the same time.

  2. Use of Appropriate Technology, which make independent from the central technical infra-structure.

  3. Integration of communication and information technology through the use of alternative techniques, e.g. photo-voltaic sun energy and solar collectors.

  4. Cooperation with similar projects inside and outside the country.

  5. Processing valuable historical events. Implementation of the idea of an active museum.

  6. Using the collections for generating income for local poulation.

  7. Promotion of handicraft making and other production activities.

  8. Promotion of Offers of traditional local techniques to interested parties.

  9. Integration of local flora and fauna.

  • Handicraft
    Since about 2005 various womens groups have not only been involved with "Mr. and Mrs. Borsig of 1866" but they have also developed marketable products, for example the dolls made by the functional womens project in Pakistan were fitted with clothes by the womens groups in Germany. From autumn 2007 onwards, some women were trained in the field by Dr. Senta Siller through the PAGA association in Potsdam.

    Similarly the first souvenir locomotives made of sheet metal and carrying the name "Borsig" were manufactured at the end of 2007 in the Mens-Centre of the project in Pakistan. This development is also an example of creating a distinctive characteristic within the scope of a project and is supposed to show how important it is not to produce mass-products but actually to reduce the number while maintaining high standard of quality.

  • Appropriate Technology
    The emphasis here is on using and implementing de-central techniques for heating purposes in the Landgut Borsig project.
    This should lead to similar projects for example for hot-water supply based upon the biomass from the surrounding forests. Perhaps one day even a biogas-unit can be set up for demonstration purposes. The abundance of rain-water need not be wasted but it can be utulized in a better way for supply to residences and compounds.
    It appears the there will be an increase in the number of electric-driven vehicles in the future. A demonstration unit can show by using the photo-voltaic technology how batteries can be charged even in multiple storeyed residential communities.

  • Communication + Information
    The non-profit society “cultura“ develops income generating measures for people in rural areas and cooperates with similar projects in foreign countries.

    CULTURA serves the long-term development of the estate, its locality and the village.

    The Handicraft (HC) plays an important role in this context and is already described.
    The role of Alternative Technolgy (AT), with its possibilities has also been described.
    Communikation + Information (CI) however require special attention in terms of public relations work, which is the key to projects, which in certain ways run against the mainstream!

    The public relations work remains inefficient if not fed by information (Text, Photos). The information must be positioned correctly. This is done through the use of different media. The Internet in its static form is helpful, the use of blogging serves for exchange and relevance. The use of digital possibilities is specially important for the rural areas; the reason that the use of “digital rural radio“ needs to be considered. The availability of new generation of cellphones allows the use of streaming radio and allows for initiation of projects.
    It is also advisable to think in advance about a local, digital form of television!

    As a whole, Cultura may be understood as a green field, on which interested actors have the possibility to develop material and immaterial products leading to income generation. The field is available, - the seeds and the crop lie in the hands of the actors!

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